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19.02.2015, Seminars

The Automotive Fluid Dynamics Seminar is opened for registration

The Automotive Fluid Dynamics Seminar is opened for registration, and we are happy to announce, that the event will take place at "FDM Sjællandsringen", close to Roskilde, Denmark. The event will take place Wednesday the 25th of March 2015. See the program and register.
25.09.2014, Seminars

Rewatch the presentations from "New Trend in CFD II"

The presentations from the seminar on New Trends in CFD II are now made available online.
19.06.2014, Seminars

The Lund University presentations are now online

The presentations from the well attended DANSIS seminar at Lund University are now online. DANSIS would like to thank Lund University for co-arranging this exciting event.
25.02.2014, Seminars

New venue for the FSI Seminar

A new venue for the fluid structure interaction (FSI) seminar, has been allocated. The DANSIS seminar on March 26th will take place at DTU RISØ, Niels Bohr Auditorium, Frederiksborgvej 399, 4000 Roskilde
03.10.2012, Temamøder

Presentation from CFD and Optimization are online

The presentations given at the DANSIS seminar held at Grundfos are now online.
14.10.2010, Nyt

DANSIS kandidatpris 2010 uddelt

DANSIS kandidatpris 2010 blev den 13/10 givet til Kristian Ingvorsen for projektet "Experimental and numerical investigation of mising of two gas streams". Projektet er udført ved DTU Mekanik.
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